Anytone Codeplug Files (updated 20230131)

There are 2 versions of my new codeplug and the raw files that you can use as input to ConfigBuilder. These files require the latest Anytone programming software (3.01) which is available from Bridgecom and elsewhere.
These based on the excellent work by Andrew, K7ABD and his great Config Builder website.
This includes full support for the PNW-DMR network and adds all the ACS frequencies, and the new proposed talkgroup IDs for Seattle 1/2 (as well as the old ones).

  • KD7DK-Public-20240131.rdt - raw codeplug file that requires the v3.01 CPS (programming software)
  • KD7DK-Public-20240131.dcf - portable form of the codeplug that should be importable into all versions of the CPS software
  • KD7DK-Public-Empty.rdt - a empty codeplug file to be used as the basis of creating a new codeplug using the instructions on this site.
  • Be sure to update the Optional Settings -> Power-on and Radio ID List (Under Digital) before programming your radio. Update your callsign and radio id.

    I have also provided the Python program I use to create the contacts list for importing with Tools > Import. It downloads the contacts for United States and Canada from and formats as required by the Anytone CPS for import.

    Function Keys - I have set the following programmable function buttons in this codeplug.
    PF1 - side-top, PF2 side-bottom, PF3 - top, P1 - front-left, P2 - front-right

    Button Function
    PF1 short Repeater/Talkround (simplex on output of repeater)
    PF1 long Reverse
    PF2 short Monitor
    PF2 long (not defined)
    PF3 short Scan
    PF3 long Nuisance Delete
    P1 short Main CH Switch (swap bwtween main and sub channel)
    P1 long Sub CH Switch (dual channel operation on/off)
    P2 short Display Name or Freq
    P2 long Change Power